The Island


Culebra is rustic and undeveloped compared to many Caribbean destinations.  The beaches are uncrowded and in some cases almost completely unpopulated.  It is a wonderful feeling to walk in the sand and have only the sound of the waves for company.


There is ferry service from Puerto Rico, and an airport serviced by both charter and commercial flights.  Markets and restaurants are family owned and operated, with no trace of big box stores or national chains.  The residents are friendly, and life proceeds at an unhurried pace.


 There are opportunities for snorkeling off several of the beaches, and dive outfitters if you want to pursue scuba diving.  There are also outfitters that lead sea kayak expeditions and other opportunities to enjoy the wildlife and beauty of the island.


Culebra is probably not a good choice for you if nightclubs and high fashion are your idea of a vacation, but if natural beauty and peaceful surroundings appeal to you then Culebra is paradise.